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Bee on Flower


Ever since we opened our doors in 2018, we’ve been committed to raising awareness to the importance of bees in nature and the dangers they face. When you visit Kern County Bee's, you’ll learn all about live bee removals, the importance of addressing your bee infestation correctly and be able to rest easy knowing we have the skills to remediate your bee troubles. Get in touch to book your removal today.



Kern County Bee's is here for you when it comes to deciding the proper course of action for your bee problem. We pride ourselves in making sure the bees, honeycomb, and honey are completely removed from every job. Whereas, pest control companies will spray the bees driving them further into the cavity and leaving you with a reoccurring problem. Kern County Bee's has received nationwide recognition and will be featured in the March 2023 Edition of American Bee Journal.

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