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Bees returning home

Kern County's #1 Bee Removal Service

Since 2018 we have been relocating and saving Honey Bees in the Central Valley. Live bee removal provides a sustainable alternative to the pest control companies who often poison our little pollinators.

Established hive removal from a tree.
Roof removal on new construction

Live bee removals are one of our most popular services and is both beneficial for our bees and customers. Bees are safely removed in the process and transported to our local apiary. Since 2018 we have safely relocated 1400 colonies. If you need a bee removal in Bakersfield or the surrounding areas, contact us today.

Almond blossom

We offer pollination for all crops and orchards. Every pollination services comes with a signed agreement ensuring strong frame average and bee health to meet your pollination needs.

Almond season 2022
Hive inspection
Early morning bee yard

Beekeeping classes are held virtually or in-person. We cover everything from selecting equipment to honey harvesting. Classes range from $60 to $100 per hour.

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